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Canamo Shatter

Shatter is the most commonly consumed variety of concentrate in today’s medical and recreational markets. This type of extract derives its name from the stable consistency of the finished product. Sometimes the consistency of shatter is more malleable or tacky and is often referred to as “pull and snap”. Shatter offers an appealing balance of potency and terpene content aimed to satisfy even the most experienced concentrate consumers.  

Canamo Crumble

Utilizing methodical purging techniques, cannabis oil can be transformed into a fudge or crumble like consistency. Like shatter, it retains a great deal of potency and flavor. Crumble is frequently recommended as an entry level extract for first time concentrate users. Its dry texture and easily workable consistency allows it to be consumed in a variety of different ways.

Canamo Terp Sauce

Terp Sauce is Canamo’s Flavor-focused extract. The finished product is an inviting display of THC-A crystalline, saturated in flavorful, aromatic terpenes; so not only is terp sauce full of flavor but it also packs a serious punch of potency as well. Canamo offers two tiers of Terp Sauce: Live resin Terp Sauce and cured flower Terp Sauce. Canamo’s rigorous pre-production selection process ensures that only the highest quality material is processed into the sauce.

Canamo Rosin

Utilizing specific parameters of heat and pressure, rosin is the apex of premier solventless concentrates. Retaining a high content of cannabinoids and terpenes, rosin is one of the most complex and diverse concentrates available and is effective for a multitude of varying ailments and conditions.  Canamo selects only the highest quality flower and dry-sift to be “pressed” or “squeezed” into rosin, ensuring consumer satisfaction and a very enjoyable experience.

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